Ganoderma- Side Effects or Temporary Reactions?

Will Ganoderma Lucidum cause any side effects? Do you feel more uncomfortable after taking this herb?

Actually Ganoderma is one of the safest herbs to consume for long term. As an adaptonegic herb, it helps to balance body conditions without any side effects at all.

However, some people experience temporary reactions after taking this herb for a few days. This is more obvious for those with serious chronic illness. But for healthy person, they don't feel all these reactions.

Actually, this is not Ganoderma side effects. It's part of the healing process you must go through. Ganoderma temporary reactions happen when this herb begins showing its effectiveness in:

clearing circulatory blockage
removing toxics
and improving body constitution.

Examples of temporary reactions
High blood pressure may become a little higher at first, before slowly coming down. The same applies to high blood sugar (diabetes). For chronic stomach ache, you may feel your stomach getting more painful in the beginning. Other common reactions are:

Body pain - You may have internal injury due to accident around that painful area. Pain is also felt around body parts with blood circulation blockage.

Body itch - You may have accumulated too much toxic in your body. Or you may have problem of weak liver function. This often happens if you consume medication such as pain killer, steroids or sleeping pills for long term.

You may experience itchiness and red pimple-like dots on your skin. These are very normal reactions. Once Ganoderma removes most of the toxics, your condition will automatically improve.

More acne - Same as above, this is a detoxification effect. Your body toxics are channeled out through your face instead.

Diarrhea - A detoxification effect too. This time, the channel is through the intestines.

Swollen leg - This is a sign of weak kidney function. You may have kidney problem or diabetes.

All these effects are only temporary and very normal. It's a hump you must go through before you can achieve complete healing with this herb.

What to do about it?
If you cannot stand it, reduce Ganoderma dosage to half. Upon feeling better, increase the dosage back again. At this stage, patience and faith are very important.

Many people give up at this stage, blaming Ganoderma for making their condition worse. Some people even get scolded for recommending it.

But for those who understand this process and have faith in this ancient medicinal herb, health improvement is just around the corner.

So remember
Don't worry if you experience any temporary Ganoderma reactions. Continue to take it until condition improves. If you cannot bear it, simply reduce the dosage to half and increase it back when you feel better.

Usually the reaction lasts for a few days to a few weeks. If you're getting more uncomfortable even after a few months, consult a doctor quickly. Your health problem may be more serious than you think.

Some says Ganoderma really has side effects
Actually, Ganoderma Lucidum herb itself has no side effects for long term consumption. Side effects only happen if dishonest manufacturers mix steroids into their Ganoderma supplement. It's easy to detect this.

You'll usually feel better in one or two days. But when you stop taking it, the problem comes back immediately. After some time, your face swells and your body weight increases. These are the side effects of steroids.

The presence of heavy metal such as mercury or lead also causes side effects for long term consumption. Poor cultivation method and polluted cultivation site causes this contamination.
Therefore, it's very important for you to choose the better Ganoderma .