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Name:                       Mr. Suketu Desai.

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Contact No:           +919429465702.

Address:                     Ratnajyoti  Apt, A-tower, Flat no 10 B, 
                               Near Agarwal School., Vesu Abhava road,
                               Vesu, Surat, Gujarat, India.

                                                     Pin No: 395007.



About Me

My name is Suketu Desai. The purpose for making this site is to help patients for curing diseases especially cancer. Today the world has totally changed. Whenever one gets in hands of any major disease like cancer, doctors says 'Chemotherapy' and 'Radiotherapy'.

I say what is chemotherapy. It is method to cure diseases using harmful allopathic chemicals. People say there is no way except to go on allopathy.  But there is a way to go to nature. A fungi, a mushroom, called Ganoderma has an ability to cure any disease and bring the body back to its original form.

I have been treating people with these   superfoods .i use products of the company named DXN,Malaysia.. So help me to help you and I will make you to say "YES TO LIFE."I will help you all to cure any disease.